12 of 12 | 04/12/08

9:25am: Go-getters wake up early because time is money. I disagree although I have nothing to go-get which might be the key factor.

10:30am: Here's one of the sites I've volunteered to maintain since moving up here. The dog in the upper-right is like a mini-Chomp and the site is an explosion of Frontpage code.

11:45am: I've been trying to take out all of my personal problems on the poor guitar. I'm getting better at an alarming rate which clearly suggests I have way too much time to practice.

1:00pm: On my way to go running in Rock Creek Park. Normally you when you see a plant growing out of rock you have some sort of thought about fortitude or perseverance or something. I didn't. In fact, it was too muddy to even attempt running.

5pm: Since it was too muddy to do any running at all I decided to instead push myself walking and see how far into (actually past) Georgetown I could go. The answer was "pretty darn far". I made almost all the way to GW before turning around to find some food.

5:15pm: I have to assume life has be done taking a dump on me because I found a diner I liked and that's surely a good omen. It's about 1.25 miles to walk there one way but when you're going to eat a plate like this one you need to earn it.

5:30pm: Chompy's great because she's always excited to see me when I get home.

5:45pm: I walked so far today I melted the Dr. Scholl's in-soles that I bought in Bloomington in October to go hiking with Miker (we didn't). The melting also ruined my brown shoes. Maybe life isn't done just yet.

6pm: Off to Centreville to lose in poker. Yeah, I'm looking pretty tan.

6:10pm: I got cute with the directions and got a little turned around when I couldn't get in a lane in time. I just liked that the sign said "Quiet Zone".

9pm: Anna flops four aces. Gee, I wonder if she's going to call the raise.

12:39am: Finally home after the marathon poker game. I finished 5th out of 7 and really miss starting with a lot of chips and ten-minutes blind doublings.

BONUS 10:30pm: Lake takes a look at my 8/3 offsuit and decides it's time to raise. I will say this--the three hands I won all night were all in a row and he was on my lap for them. Next time I'm grabbing him as soon as I get there.


KBS (Unknown)

I know I was there for it and he's my cat, but I must just reiterate that that is the most f'ing adorable photo of Lake ever.



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