Tiny Trees and Tiny Houses | 04/14/08

This morning I got up early to go running. It wasn't that I didn't want to sleep until 9am like I normally do but rather I just couldn't. After I got home from VA on Sunday I stayed up to finish a piece I'd been working on for a few days. I wanted it done so that I could start the week fresh and I was able to do that. It's a sad song but I'm glad it's done because I feel like I was able to pack up the past week (or possibly more)'s worth of feelin'-bad into it and now it can be sealed away. I was listening to NPR about the Iranian hostages and one of the guys who was freed wrote some absolutely horrible poems (I'm talking 2nd-grade quality) afterwards and although they were stupid I'm sure there were very therapeutic for him and I feel the same way about my song. Three chords, trite lyrics but no one will ever have to hear it but me--and even then I'd have to go through great lengths to get it out of its packing tape-cocoon.

Since I lived in Florida, I started a "hobby" of sorts retiring songs from my playlist. In some cases I deliberately listened to song over and over for a specific event so that when I heard the song later I'd only think of that event. As an innocuous example, Ryoksopp's Remind Me is assigned to Chris and Michael coming to visit for Spring Break last year. After they left I retired it but now, thanks to the ubiquity of those Geico commercials, whenever I hear it I immediately think of that week and the good times. I feel like a lot of songs have been retired recently, including some of my favorites. Because of the fresh start in DC I decided to just "get rid" (keep but take out of the playlist) everything I had prior and thanks largely to Ricky and Marty I have a new, budding playlist. If you have music that you think I should have, just send away. I'm ready.




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