Tax Day | 04/15/08

Yesterday I braved the cold north winds to head up to Pennsylvania to visit Chris and Elena. Because I had time to kill I stopped at Gettysburg, which was right on the way up. By the time I found the Visitor Center I had about ninety minutes to spend there. I went to the information counter to ask how my ninety minutes could be best served and the I-can-tell-you-do-reenactments guy opened his mouth a little bit and had a look on his face as though I had just asked him to name every piece of music in Romantic period. After making sure I was well-aware of the fact that Gettysburg was an experience and not a trip, I settled for the Auto Tour to get the most bang for my non-buck. There are several disadvantages to being single and one of them is you have no one to take pictures of/for you. Like any irresponsible American, I drove sloppily down the empty roads and just started snapping pictures. Looking back at them now, I see that I will have ample documentation of the roof of my car for insurance purposes. I didn't even see a ghost orb so the trip was really quite fruitless on all levels. I think I'll go back though when I have a day to spend there because if nothing else it was nice and peaceful.

Around 6pm I rolled into the vL's driveway and we caught up while they started cooking. After the best meal I'd had this year (with the best mashed potatoes ever made in the history of the world) we went downstairs and both Elena and Chris whipped my ass in Wii tennis. They both had this devastating serve (not unlike my Serve of Death in real life) where flames appeared around the ball and it scorched past me. It was great to see them and nice to have friends again for a day. Now that I know how short of a drive it is (I made it back in just over an hour and a half) I will hopefully be up there again soon. Also, Tim, if you're reading this, move to DC.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Yes, Tim. Move to DC. That way, we can rekindle the NCAA '0x rivalries this fall.

Mike (Unknown)

Seriously, it would be just like old times except different.

Elena (Unknown)

yes! My potatoes rock! Seriously tho, glad you came up to see us. Maybe next time you can bring guitar hero.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Hey I need to get in on the NCAA action. Though of course I need to brush up on it first.
Mike, next time you go to Getty, we have a CD you can use driving around the battlefield.
And we really need to take a ghost tour, the last one was awesome!!!

Mike (Unknown)

I'm ready for NCAA anytime, anywhere. I used to think ghost tours were really lame but when we saw our ghost in Key West it made into a believer.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, I'll totally bring GH next time. I would have brought it this time but it's on loan out in VA since I have no one to play with me here in town and it's not nearly as fun by yourself.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Agreed. GH, while pretty fun on your own, is a completely different (and much more fun) game in co-op and/or battle mode. Ahh, "One."

Mike (Unknown)

They should have retitled that to be One (Month of daily playing)

KBS (Unknown)

T-Chris, are you moving to DC this fall?

Mike (Unknown)

I hope so.



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