Happy Birthday Ricky! | 04/16/08

Happy Birthday Ricky! I know you were like 12 when I took this picture but now you're a man. I wish I could have been there to celebrate in person but...yeah. I made sure to insult myself a lot throughout the day to make up for the fact you're not actually around.

In other news, the Taurus is dead. It didn't offer any signs of problems driving to Pennsylvania but yesterday morning when I went drop off a bunch of stuff to Jamie it stalled each time I came to a complete stop. This is problematic no matter where you live but especially so in a city. Doubly so in a big city. Triply so in the middle of a traffic circle. Since Chris and Amy are going to be in Baltimore on Friday I rented a car for the day so I could go up and see them since the metro doesn't go nearly far enough to get me there and I sure as hell wasn't going to sit on the pee bus for three hours. For a car with less than 60k miles, the Taurus sucks. The Taurus sucks anyway and if I have to get a new car, I wouldn't get a Ford even if they paid me the monthly payment to take it. I'd been saving for a down payment on a house for a while and now that doing that is out of the question for at least another year, I guess the timing is as good as it will be for having the cash on-hand to get a car. Hopefully the oft-recommended mechanic up here will be able to fix it though and I can on my merry way.


Ricky (Unknown)

Thanks Mike, you're a real chum.

What's up with nobody dropping any comments on me? Sure, you'll give a bad news post 10+ comments, but, oh no, not a "happy birthday" shout-out. Such bad-weather friends you are.

I'm kidding, jeez.

Mike (Unknown)

We're all negative people--there's no flocking to "good news" events such as a birthday.

Ricky (Unknown)

In that case .. it was the worst day of my life .. I was in a car accident and I'm in a coma .. now don't you feel horrible for not commenting?

Mike (Unknown)

I personally feel fine but I commented.

KBS (Unknown)

You could take the train up to Baltimore, like the Amtrak train. Cheap and fast.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Fine, Ricky, Happy F'ing Birthday!

Mike, KBS is right you really need to learn the whole train situation here in the NE. and of course the Taurus sucks...its a Ford.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, I knew "Fix Or Repair Daily" but backwards, as T-Chris pointed out, was "Driver Returns On Foot".



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