BWI | 04/18/08

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and 6:45 thinking I had overslept my alarm and would be late to Baltimore and miss seeing Chris and Amy. I was out the door by 8:15 and after grabbing a coffee on my way up, was at BWI by 9:20. After a quick greeting at 9:45 we hopped in the car and took off for "Baltimore". With no maps and a pokey iPhone, we wound up driving around the city. Ultimately, by way of Towson, we found ourselves in the Inner Harbor and settled on an Irish place for lunch where we caught and I breezed through my Indiana Jones Quiz. Now that I'm having to make my own friends, it was decided that I needed to learn more about popular culture and movies would have be on the table. After lunch we hung out for an hour or so before attempting to head back to BWI.

As with before, we did not find where we needed to be right away and gave ourselves a just-barely-better-than-New-Orleans tour of Baltimore. I frequently describe DC as a pie where only 1/8 is where you want to be. Apparently Baltimore is more like 1/20. By an act only of God himself, we made it through a half hour of possibly the worst neighborhoods I'd seen in the United States. Apparently a lot of kids are home schooled and happened to be on recess on the stoops/streets during our tour. At least they've got the education system figured out there. We did make it back safely and I started the drive back. I apparently still do not understand the labeling of 495 because I drove all the way around the city in rush-hour(s) traffic.

It was totally worth the trip because, once Saturday rolls around, I will have seen friends three days all in one week, which frankly in unprecedented in DC. Happy Anniversary Chris and Amy!




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