Abby Birthday | 04/20/08

On Saturday I rolled out to Sterling to see Brian and Rebecca's vacation pictures from Europe. Before the viewing there was the grilling-out of burgers and hot dogs. After the viewing the party turned into video game night with me asserting my dominance in Guitar Hero and passively standing in the back for Dance Dance Revolution. As the party started to die down Anna challenged me to a quick game of Egyptian Rat Screw. After quickly determining sandwiches were out, we got to playing. I won a nail-biter to take game one, she destroyed me in the second game and then we played an epic tie-breaker that took over twenty minutes. I ultimately lost and it was pointed out to me repeatedly the reflexes of men simply aren't as fast as those of women. Since I was genetically destined to lose I'm okay with it.

Sunday was Abby's birthday and, following the advice of P-Chris to not let the "divorce" affect the "kids", I took Abby for the afternoon for an inside-only party. Abby has been sick recently and unfortunately released two massive poop-bombs in my bedroom. I tried to put a positive spin on it in thinking that I now won't have to build the extra wardrobe since there was so much poop all of the clothes in the surround area were a total loss. Anyway, Ab, Chompy and I played fetch with the sheep for a good hour and that was nice. Unfortunately the night came to an end when she yaked up what I can only describe as a long piece of barf-linguine. At that point I IM'd Jamie to let her know Poopy McBarf's Birthday Party was over and brought her home.




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