Kinsfolk: *UNTS | 04/21/08

I can't believe. After telling the "pope on a plane" joke SO MANY TIMES that I actually nearly experienced the punchline in a crossword puzzle. In my joke the clue is "A woman in your life" and letters are filled in *UNT and the one in the actual puzzle was "Kinsfolk" but you get the idea. Although I knew it was "aunts" I couldn't help taking a screen shot of it. That is too funny.

I took the Taurus in to the mechanic so I spent the day riding metros between DC and Silver Spring and driving through the ghetto of N. Georgia street after missing my turn on the way back. Scary.

The Cubs keep winning so I have to continue to believe in the theory that they play inversely proportional to my mood is in fact true. Fellow Cubs fans, I think we might be looking at a 100-win season here.

LOST comes back on Thursday and not a moment too soon.


SC (Unknown)

ROFLMAO! Oh, that's just too good.

Mike (Unknown)

I thought they phased out ROFLMAO in like 2003 or 2004.

SC (Unknown)

They did. I was showing my age.

Mike (Unknown)

Ah, I thought it might back come back into popular culture again.

SC (Unknown)

It will need more than my support to make the leap back into popularity. And I'm pretty sure the fact that I used it has set the usage back by a century.



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