Good As New | 04/22/08

Although I wasted my morning bringing the Taurus back to the shop, I have it back now and (aside from persistent, lying, check engine light) running as good as new. Apparently, the car was stalling not because of a broken fuel pump, but because of several cracks in various hoses leading out of the engine. Yesterday's trip was labor-free and they also sent me out in a shuttle to a recommended diner, so I can't complain too much. The problem of not being able to shift out of park was resolved yesterday as the line that tells the car "hey, he's pressing the brake" was replaced. Looks like having to buy my new car will be put on hold for at least another few days before something else goes wrong with the Taurus.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with one of my friends from undergrad who lives outside of DC. We weren't terribly close but he did play on my grad school and I think had our time overlapped more than three semesters we would have been good friends. He and I were in the small minority of people who actually did things after college and I'm excited to hear his route from Milwaukee to DC. It will also be nice to have someone else to eat with after two months of primarily dining alone.




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