You Changed The Rules! | 04/24/08

This is an entry full of spoilers! Ok, I guess the big question is why Ben won't kill Widmore. He obviously can kill him--he's standing right there and surely between their many connections they could have killed each other long ago but haven't. It makes sense why Widmore wouldn't kill Ben--he knows where the island is. As for why Ben won't kill Widmore...I'm not sure.

Man I wanted to Claire to die. Her saying Chaw-Lee makes my skin crawl and I thought last night would be the end of hearing but no. On a side note, Hugo was right--Australia really is the key to winning Risk. I'm not really surprised that the militants killed Alex but I was hoping that we'd get the full story behind her relationship to Ben first. Oh well, at least they're killing people.

I was surprised how readily Sayid joined up with Ben. I know when you're sad and pissed you're more inclined to do irrational things but is Sayid really SO broken that he's just going to be a hired gun for Ben? I would have been curious to know how Ben would have talked himself out of that situation if Sayid hadn't shot that other guy.

Since it's a Lost Friday your comments are encouraged (unlike most days).


Tree (Unknown)

I think Hell's Kitchen should burn down the Lost island. Or at least Chef Gordon Ramsay come and chop them all up with butcher knives.

P-Chris (Unknown)

I disagree. i think S. America is the key to Risk. you can get bottled up down under b/c it only has one entrance and exit. S. America has two, so still easily defendable but less likely to get trapped.

Mike (Unknown)

We'll have to play Risk sometime when you have like 20 hours free. I stand by Australia--the fact you can only get attacked from one way is magical (unless you're an unlucky roller in which case you're out of the game in 10 minutes).

SC (Unknown)

In new versions of Risk, there is actually another connection between South America and Risk. How's that for messing with all of your plans?

Mike (Unknown)


SC (Unknown)

It helps if I read my posts before I submit them. A connection between Australia and South America.

mike (Unknown)

Proofreading is for losers--think of how boring this site would be if I proofread.

SC (Unknown)

Good point.



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