100,000 Hits | 04/29/08

It's prediction time. This blog has been in business since late 2003 and is rapidly approaching its 100,000 visit. Most sites that have been around for five years get thousands of visits a day but not mine. My four-to-six/week entries have gone largely unnoticed in the search engines and most of my non-search engine traffic comes from (duh) Brian. Most of the hits my site gets from Google come for one of two things: an entry I wrote on my what I would do if I ran a fraternity and the other singing the praises of Desktop Tower Defense. The fraternity entry has sparked a backlash from stupid members of Greek organizations that apparently took the entry literally. It's frightening how defensive these assholes are and just how retarded they must be to be in college and not understand sarcasm. In a weird sort of way, it kind of confirms that they deserve initiations by having feces thrown at them for being so stupid yet somehow, miraculously, in college. Desktop Defender never really caught on with people I knew in real life (except with Miker) so I'm surprised that entry gets as much action as it does. Anyway, I digress. According to Google Analytics I'm well, well past the 100k mark but according to the original hit counter, I'm still well under. Going back that, today you get to make a prediction as to when exactly I'm going to get that 100,000th hit and winner will get a pretty good prize (better than a guest entry [Anna...]). Note that you have to check the discreet checkbox to submit the form so that I know you're a live person and not an autospamming robot. As of right now, there have been 86,035 hits!

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Tree (Unknown)

Internet and sarcasm really don't work well together. I don't really recall the frat entry, tho I pretty much have read every single post on the blog (sans the ones about Lost, of course).

Mike (Unknown)

Resend your entry--I had to make a quick change the form handler so I lost the date; I only have the month.

I'll see if I can dig up the frat entry; it's really stupid and I can't believe how worked up people have gotten over it.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude, I played Desktop Defender like it was my job when I first came across in your blog. I still go back to every once in a while to waste six hours at a time.

Mike (Unknown)

Oh yeah! I remember that now--I think it was just that Miker and I kept fighting each other for top scores.

Tree (Unknown)

Wow, the comments just keep growing and growing for that Frat entry. Yeah, I remember that pic now that I think about it. Man those are some pansy people who were easily offended. At my fraternity, I'd have things like eat a stick of butter, hamburger eating contests, Finish a 2 pound burger in an hour, coffee caffeine contests, and of course, the most tortureous thing of all: 72 hour marathon of watching Rachael Ray -or- 72 hours of listening to U2 & AC/DC.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Brian hit it exactly: that is one epic comment section for the frat blog. For some reason, I don't think I read that one; I would've remembered the entry and the ensuing closed-minded "comments." Oooh, please teach me lesson in India!! From doctor to another, bring it!



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