The Spamming of Zeppelin | 04/30/08

I need to start spamming my blog up; sorry. You'll start to see some changes in the next few weeks and I'll try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible. If you did not submit a vote in yesterday's 100,000th hit prediction quiz then do it today--it will "close" next Monday.

Jamie and I played tennis in the morning and it was ugly. The last time we played we did pretty well but this time we spent far more time chasing after balls than actually hitting. Things were ok when she'd hit to my forehand and I hit to her backhand but turned south if there was any variation (especially to my backhand). I thought for sure playing Wii tennis would help but sadly it did not.

The Cubs won 19-5 over the Brewers last night. Sure Lou, you put Marmol in when the Cubs are up 10 but you don't put him in when they're by 1 in the sixth (see two nights ago). Speaking of Marmol, I bought last night and plan to do live blogging during the Cubs game while singing the praises of Marmol, the greatest reliever of our generation (that no one has ever heard of). Stay tuned.


T-Chris (Unknown)

MARMOLaid...yes! And live Cubs blogging...sweet. Dibs on the first guest entry.

Tree (Unknown)

Good day, today.

Mike (Unknown)

Classic Cubs this afternoon. I hate the Classic Cubs.



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