Christmas Wishes | 12/26/03

My sleep was interrupted this morning by my uncle, who was in the process of deleting everything off his computer to clear up some memory to put a new game on for his kids. Fortunately, he called me (on accident, he wanted my mom) and I was able to spare Norton and MS Office before they got the axe. I tried to explain the difference between RAM-Memory and Hard Drive Space-Memory. I think I've discovered a helpful teaching tool for next semester. I tried to find a dog park after that, by calling the Naperville Humane Society. Not only do they have the least helpful message (please enter your AKC number followed by the pound sign [get it? ha!]) but (and I just made that pound-sign thing up) the woman on the phone knew nothing about dogs. She said that she owned a dog, yet had never heard of a dog park. I tried explaining this abstract concept to her, but unable to send her any 3D graphs or shoebox dio ramas complete with pasta-Chompy, I was mostly unsuccessful. Steve and I were going to go to Baker's Square but he decided he didn't want to go at the last minute. I was pissed. Not that I NEEDED to have Baker's Square's delicious honey mustard sauce-caked chicken tenders and oreo pie, but because I hadn't eaten all day because I had anticipated us going there. Oh well. This evening Steve and I went shopping and I bought a car charger for my new cell phone. It seems to work alright, although my parents insisted that none of the cars will charge things when the car isn't running. Oh well. Steve bought a bunch of video games. We went to PetSmart up here and MY GOD, CHOMPY. They have so many fish I want. Why can't the stink-hole of Tallahassee produce a PetSmart this good? Not only did they have a wide variety of fish, but they had big ones. Like, ones that actually have a chance of survival. ; We went to Meier (I think that's the correct spelling), which is like a northern-only version of Wal-Mart but without the good prices. The store was nice enough but they needed to sell less random things. We came home, played some Euchre (with Steve and I dismantling our parents 10/8, 10/5, 10/0) and then played some more MarioKart. MarioKart, the newest fun-device for Steve's GameCube is actually fun. I usually hate games on that thing but I think it's only because Steve devotes 20 hours a day to playing whatever-game for five months until the point no one will play with him. With us both starting from square one, though, it was considerably more fun. And it's a racing game. And no one beats me at racing games. Ever. Well, not Steve anyway. It's now 2:13am and time for some sleeping. Steve, Chompy and I are going to drive out to West Chicago tomorrow and try to find some mysterious dog park.&nbs p; Here are some confidential notices to some loyal readers:
Jamie: I hope you feel better.
Kathy: Have fun with Brian and please talk him into helping me take my pool table apart
Brian: Have fun with Kathy and let her talk you into helping me talking my pool table apart
Marty: Your popularity rises every day. Keep on it!
Mike: I had a weird sex dream with you in it. Well, you were coming with me to a strip club and you were none too pleased about it.
Ashl(e)y [Steve's love interest]: Steve is way better than that Dan guy. And Steve has a way cooler brother. I mean, how many nerds do you know that keep online journals?




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