Cinco De Mayo | 05/05/08

I took my now-walking dog for a nice one yesterday. If she keeps it up she might earn a walk in the park by the weekend. The first ten minutes are pretty rough since she's so grossly out of practice and pulls constantly on the leash but she's getting better at getting past that point and relenting to my domination of where we go.

I hung out with Amy in the afternoon and we got a very quotable line but sadly that can't be repeated in a public forum. While we were out I picked up a copy of Wii MarioKart so for you Wii users--I'm ready for you to beat me anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace (but preferably from the comfort of our homes).

The Cubs lost again, most of which was documented in the new Cubs blog. That is tedious, I'm going to go ahead and say it now. Trying to pay that much attention to each out, while not at the game, is just gruelingly boring sometimes. I have a new appreciation for the role of Len Kasper having to fill minutes of just nothing.


SC (Unknown)

What is that growth on Chompy's face? It looks like a margarita.

Mike (Unknown)

I think the chili pepper is desperate to be released and has taken to smashes glasses on the dog to try to escape.



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