Another Big, Fat F | 05/08/08

Warning: this entry is ALL LOST SPOILERS. I can only think of one explanation for this string of just abysmal episodes: that the writers are still on strike and that "Big Hollywood" has manipulated the media in such a way that we *think* they're actually back to work. Of course we'd figure this out after you keep airing HORRIBLE EPISODES OF LOST WHERE NOTHING HAPPENS. It's like you get our hopes all up during the commercials for the coming week and then the episode totally sucks. Yeah, it was cool to see young John Locke being given the Dalai Lama test but other than that...we already knew Miker wasn't going to die and that something bad was going to happen with the dudes on the ship. Admittedly, seeing Claire and her old man in the hut was a surprise but not like the good kind of surprise (Hey, I got you this Wii...) but the bad kind of surprise (Hey, the doctor just called and I guess it's a law or something that I have to call and tell you...). I did like Ben's line, "Destiny is a fickle b*tch". If I were the writers I would have said "fitch" and started that trend mainstream.

Since we know there are now problems with the flow of time on the island it might be nice to have a little more detail before things start happening out of order. We could obviously infer the doctor was going to die this week. I fear that all of these weeks of total and complete bullsh*t are going to come back to haunt us at the end when things aren't explained fully because there wasn't enough time to do it. Uh, you could have told us during Jack's tattoo episode! Or any of the episodes from the past month. You guys better unleash some serious main-character killings if you want me to keep watching the show.




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