May 12 of 12 | 05/12/08

6:00am: Chompy (and I) have to get up at 6am so she can get her 12-hour antibiotic pill for her paw infection. Neither of us are happy about it but we usually go back to bed afterwards.

6:05pm: The arsenal of medicines that are apparently required to fight a nail infection. I usually hide the pill in half a piece of summer sausage and then eat the other half (of the sausage).

10:30am: Marty, Chris and I play a game of MarioKart of the interwebs. I would usually win the first two races before Marty won the last two, taking the match. I like to play as either the ghost or "Mii"--where I have a bald version and a with-hair version depending on how I feel at the moment.

1:30pm: Chompy out mowing the lawn in between the torrential rains that we've had here for the past week.

2:30pm: Attempting to find the magical and hidden Chick-Fil-A on the AU campus. I didn't find it and God knows I spent a lot of time trying.

3:00pm: Reluctantly trying the soup from Balducci's and doing some general grocery shopping. Balducci's makes Whole Foods look like Aldi.

1:30pm: Oh my God, I'm on Lost because I got back from lunch and had TRAVELED BACK IN TIME TO 1:30PM! I have also been dead for twelve years and have a severe nose bleed.

7:00pm: Having a glass of wine (in a styrofoam cup) while writing out the chords of When you were young. I forgot that I was transposing as I went so that Ab- should in fact be an a-. Oops.

7:30pm: The yard is finally starting to drain. It was mostly a pool of mud for the past couple of days.

8:30pm: Playing with Chompy while watching the Cubs game. She was HYPER last night and was tearing across the house for no reason get mud everywhere.

10:00pm: I didn't see either Amy nor Steve at the game but I did see this big Lifelock sign and it made me smile.

12:00am: A MarioKart rematch! This time I didn't lose the second two races. Chris and I also took it to Marty on Coin Runner (granted it was 2v1).

BONUS: Trying out my $5 loaf of bread. $5 for a loaf of bread! That's just stupid.


SC (Unknown)

How did the paw dip go? And I'm pissed. I was in the bathroom for the Soriano home run last night. At least they smoked the Padres. A rather quiet 12 for 12.

T-Chris (Unknown)

That first pic, of Chompy on the couch...TOO CUTE.



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