Oceanic Five | 05/15/08

So I'm looking for a pre-made picture of the Oceanic Six to save some time this morning and what do I find? I'll go ahead and field that--a TON of pictures with Jin. Ok--guys--JIN IS NOT IN THE OCEANIC SIX. The sixth one is the baby. Now, by my loose definitions here I wouldn't say the baby survived the crash and got himself rescued--he was born on the island. Sorry pro-lifers.

I didn't really care for the episode as a stand-alone but I think it did a great job setting up the two-hour finale in a couple weeks. Everyone is paired off with someone they'd probably prefer no to be with (Jack/Sawyer, Kate/Sayid, Sun/Aaron, Miker/Jin [ok, maybe these two are ok]). Speaking of Miker, I TOTALLY thought Jin was going to say it last night. Once I saw him get on the boat my first thought was "Holy sh*t, he's going to see Michael and scream 'Miker!'" but he didn't.

All spare judgment on this episode until after the season finale since they're obviously related. That leaves me with the question--who is having the huge Lost party to watch it?


Tree (Unknown)

They should have never canceled "Party of Five".

elena (Unknown)

that's a good idea - maybe we should host one up here. All in all I thought the episode was pretty darn good, but I'm pretty sure we are going to be left with a doozy of a cliffhanger!



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