Lock Your Deadbolt | 05/18/08

This was a pretty exciting weekend. On Saturday, Brian had a poker game and, being the ultra-responsible person I now am, I left a good 90 minutes early so I could stop at Target to get a funnel and, more importantly, Chick-Fil-A to try to keep my monthly intake of their delicious nuggets in tact. Unfortunately, while I left with my Google Maps in hand, I did not have my keys in my other hand. Locked out (again)! I've now locked myself out here twice in three months; two more times than I've locked myself out the rest of my life combined. I think there are two reasons for this: this is the first time in my adult life I have two viable exits and I keep my keys by the one I use most frequently so it's not necessarily out of the question I could leave the house without visibly seeing them. Secondly, I have two key rings--my regular ones plus another set that I take with my when I go running that just has a car key and the back door key to my house; that way they're not all jingly in my pocket and slowing me down. Regardless, I'm locked out with my spare key woefully inaccessible in Jamie's coat but with her in Tallahassee and her landlord out of town I was pretty much resigned to the locksmith.

Except that I had my iPhone and quickly googled "open door credit card". I got to an article and spent 20 minutes on my new back door with no success at all before remembering that my old front door would be a better candidate. Sure enough--15 seconds later I was in. So yes, you CAN open a door with a credit card (I used my Safeway card) but only if it's an old door and if the deadbolt isn't locked. Like I told everyone at poker, for every ounce of awesome there are two ounces of "oh sh*t" now that I see how easy it is to open an outside door with a credit card. So, friends, lock your deadbolts.

I also finally won poker. Take that Virginia and weird Virginia Appendage; you've beaten me long enough. Everyone was kind enough to let me take a CFA break in the middle too. The $40 I won almost paid for my gas getting home too.


Tree (Unknown)

Hence why I always carry two sets of keys with me. Came in handy a few times. Tho I haven't locked myself out since I was like 17.

Stacie (Unknown)

That's how I met my next door neighbors six years ago...I locked myself out one morning in my pjs. I lock myself out of the house so regularly that they have a spare set so I can get back in. HeeHee!

Stacie (Unknown)


I don't know what email address you use these days, but I came across a book in the bookstore the other day and thought you should have it. Drop me an email with your new address and I'll send it to you. Hope all is well in D.C. I enjoy the blog...keep it up...



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