Preston Parker Unsuspended | 05/19/08

This is a hard entry to write because I of course love FSU and, as an extension of that, FSU football. It was bad enough when half the team was caught cheating for their online music history class but they were officially doomed with last year's MVP, Preston Parker, was caught with drugs and a gun in his car. He was suspended from the team while the case worked itself out. Today it worked itself out and he's now unsuspended because he was able to get off with misdemeanors and a bucketful of apologies. This is of course great news for FSU football but it really makes a joke out of our whole criminal system. The fact of the matter is that he should have been convicted of at least one felony but by some adequate strings being pulled he was able to be reinstated by having very serious charges magically reduced.

All I know is that if it were me facing all of those counts, WITH a criminal record (as Preston Parker has), I'd be going to jail for sure and sadly giving up my rights to vote for Obama in a few months since as a felon I would have relinquished my right to vote. I'm just shocked he was able to skirt the system like this. What more can you really say other than "Go State!"?




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