Rest and Relaxation | 12/27/03

Today was a very relaxing day. (Aren't they all when you have nothing to do?) Steve and I took Chompy to the Springbrook Dog Training Facility. It was a large enough area, but the lack of a fence made me nervous. I put my inhibitions, aside though, and took her off her leash anyway. She was off-leash for about five minutes with Steve and I constantly running behind her before I just gave up and put her leash back on. It was a lot like the first time she and I ever went to the dog park and I would call her back to me (hah) every (literally) 20 seconds. She didn't even have a chance to run away. Once we put her leash back on, we trudged through the forest preserve for a couple of miles. Chompy did her best to hunt but I was able to stop her before anything died the two times she tried it. Last night, my dad, my brother and I picked up my grandma for dinner at Portillo's (the greatest rib place in history) . There was a family full of rednecks there, all sporting matching NASCAR jackets. My favorite part was where the 10 year old and his dad got into a mock fight when they made it to the front of the line. The ribs weren't as good as I remembered, sadly, but I ate them all anyway. After dinner we went to the PetCo by my grandma's house and they had some great fish too! I hate you, Tallahassee. We arrived at home and Steve and I played a couple games of MarioKart. Around midnight I started to feel a small cold coming on...




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