The Good Life | 05/20/08

Jamie came back from Florida today which meant the end of Abfest 2008. Since Abby now has food allergies I cooked her dinner every night and Chompy was very sad to see her go since now there will be no extra half-bag of rice for her at dinner. They ran around enough over the past four days to hopefully last a while--my house is so muddy from them going nuts outside in the rain and then continuing on in the house that I'm not even sure the vaunted Dyson is going to be able to rip the dirt from the greedy carpets.

I fear that my new "favorite" music is Southern Rock. I haven't gone out of my way to listen to it but since the radio station up here purports to play "Classic Rock" I think I've officially moved to Southern Rock. Why wouldn't I trade the Doobie Brothers and Guns and Roses for 38 Special and the Allman Brothers? I like both the Doobies and GnR but come on, your dollar goes a lot further with the Allman Brothers. I could live without Skynyrd but I don't turn them off when they come on.


Tree (Unknown)

So when are you going to paint the Confederate flag on the roof of your General Lee?

SC (Unknown)

Do you put the cushions down like that so she can sneak herself in there, or just she kinda shuffle them around?

Mike (Unknown)

I think I'll paint it on there right before I sell it. Get it painted orange too.

No, that picture was 100% natural. I had just finished vacuuming so I had thrown them all up on that couch so I could vacuum the love seat and of course did not return them to their proper home there.

T-Chris (Unknown)

That pic is too cute. Too. Cute.



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