Very Belated 12 of 12 | 08/12/08

Midnight: I'm coming home from a concert at the Capitol Building. It was a perfect night and I didn't even get mugged despite being in the Pac Man!

9:48am: Good morning! Sometimes it's nice to be your own boss.

10am: Trying to load Chompy up in the car I discover a huge bug on the hood. I'm not going anywhere until it goes away.

10:10am: The bug finally left and we're off to get some coffee.

Glover Park/Georgetown/Spring Valley is SO snobby a BMW is like a Corolla in your neighborhood. Porches are like your Civics. To make a statement you need an even cooler car. On the bright side, I know no one will ever break into the Taurus.

10:45am: Ok, I'm pretty sure that's the likeness of the Virgin Mary in my crumpled up brownie wrapper. She might appear more duck-like than you remember but I knew I was due to see Her eventually in some foodstuff.

12:30: It doesn't take an MBA to determine you were banned in Google. Sometimes it sucks being your own boss.

3:30pm: Camouflaged as her cage, it took me a good 20 minutes to find Chompy.

4:00pm: Time for a late lunch at the diner after a nice walk through Georgetown (the part that no one knows about where there is ample parking).

9pm: Dinner time. I think I took a nap between lunch and dinner.

10:30pm: Steve and I have a conference video to discuss getting unbanned in Google. Chris gave me that webcam so I've already got some ideas how I can make some money while the site gets unbanned...

11:45: Late night walk with Chompy (back when she would go on walks). I like Glover Park.

BONUS: The hard drive and enclosure that stopped working. This failure has caused my blog not to be updated for a week. Sorry!


Tree (Unknown)

What kind of obscene porn & rhetoric have you putting on the website to get banned from Google? And dude, George Jetson at work from Spacely Space Sprockets in my video chat told me he thinks you should clean your filthy monitor.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Glad to see you're making good use of the webcam.



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