90,000 | 05/21/08

Yesterday RZ finally eclipsed the 90,000 hits mark, with over 300 people checking in to see my cute pupple lounging within the pillows of my couch. Let's see, I found out that I'm #1 in the VPCSADBCF (Virginia Poker Championship Series As Determined By Chris' Forumla) because I've only played two games and one of them was a win. As always, it's better to be lucky than good. I had a nice breakfast at my diner before doing some shopping at Safeway, where the Safeway Starbucks naturally screwed up my order. It's bad enough you only put two shots in it but to leave on the vanilla is just plain mean. I played some tennis with Jamie after sitting in Ward Circle for thirty minutes while they decided to do road work in the middle of the day. I came home, took Chomp for a walk, then went back to Safeway so I could make myself some Japanese Chicken. I then watched most of the Cubs game before working on the band arrangement of my thesis. I went to bed and, for the first time in a long while, I couldn't sleep. I should have been adequately tired considering it was almost 1am and I had both played tennis and taken Chompy for such a long walk. Oh well. I finally fell asleep around 2 and, well, here I am.


Rebecca (Unknown)

Congrats on the 90,000!

This is actually related to the "Virginia's weird appendage" comment in the earlier post. I just heard about this book on "Enpy Arrr!" and thought of you:

How The States Got Their Shapes

Aside from Colorado and Wyoming - two plain rectangles, nearly impossible to differentiate - the shapes of the 50 states have been burned into our memories. But why does Florida have that long panhandle? And why is there that little bit of Maryland that stretches way into West Virginia? These were the questions that kept Mark Stein up nights - and provided motivation for his new book, How The States Got Their Shapes.


Mike (Unknown)

I keep listening to Enpy Arrr for your comment but I have yet to hear it. I'm totally getting that book. I'd really like to know why Michigan got to have the Upper Peninsula instead of, I don't know, leaving it with the state that touches it.

SC (Unknown)

I'm also going to check out that book. What a good topic.



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