Prairie Home Companion @ Wolftrap | 05/25/08

On Friday I met up with Brian and Rebecca, and Rebecca's friend Jessika for an evening with Prairie Home Companion. Brian and I met at this elementary school in McLean where I dropped off the Taurus and rode with Brian to Wolftrap. I had always assumed it was called "Wolftrap" because at some point wolves had been trapped there and the name had stuck. I think I'm wrong though because as I was looking for a picture for today's entry I came across a real wolf trap and the design of it is very similar the way this is set up so now I think I "get it".

Brian and I got there extra early to get a good place to sit on the lawn, which was good because there were like a billion other people also in the lawn section and apparently Virginians don't have the same hang-ups about plopping a blanket down overlapping yours to squeeze into a 3' x 3' square that Midwesterners do. By 6:30 the gang was all there and we had some beers (notice the plural; I'm in a Midwestern state of mind) and the show started with some patriotic singing. The show was really long and while I found the skits and some of the songs cute and clever there were just way too many songs. Sorry guys. When they play PHC on NPR (Enpee Argh) they lop off a lot of it. It had its boring bit but on the whole it was really fun and I'd highly recommend going if you have $20 to burn (about the cost of a bottle of water in DC).




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