Memorial Day | 05/26/08

Not surprisingly, it's hot here in our nation's capital for Memorial Day. I spent the day working, as I have the past week, on a piece to send down to South America. It's about 95% done and I have to say that it's a winner. Sometimes pieces suck and you grind them down and the suck less but ultimately still suck. Sometimes they just kind of come out and this one just came out. I had the entire first draft done in one ten-hour session. I forgot how fun it can be to write non-steel drum music since that's really been the bread and butter for so long.

I've been slowly upping Chompy's walks to about a mile but two days I tried to bring her up to two which was so grueling on her she slept from 7pm to 9am. For Memorial Day, I took her for just a mile then we drove around and enjoyed the nice day out on the Clara Barton Parkway. Unfortunately, driving without a destination got me a little bit lost and I tried to take the George Washington Parkway back. Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb. It was closed in both directions so we got a nice tour of NoVa while trying to navigate the backroads to the Chain Bridge. We made it back though despite what should have been a ten minute outing turning into an hour of degreening our environment.

Happy Memorial Day!


SC (Unknown)

81 on Monday. 39 last night. Burberries.



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