Clumps | 05/27/08

It's no secret that my schedule isn't exactly scheduled minute by minute. That said, this week has been pretty busy, even for one of you 9-5ers. Between Lost parties, jazz concerts, piece deadlines, Greek cook-offs, etc, it has been/going to be a hectic week for me and Chompy. Last night I borrowed a charcoal grill and made a practice round of my "gourmet" food for Saturday. It turned out pretty well in the one-person size so I'm feeling good I won't be booed despite generally being out of practice in cooking. Speaking of practicing, I haven't really touched my guitar music this week and it shows. With a heavy composing schedule the last thing I want to do with my free time is more music so practicing for my lessons has been pushed to the back burner which is too bad because I like to have nice sounding pieces for my lessons. I've been on the other side of teaching lessons for ages so I can say with certainty it's way better to have a practicing student than a non-practicing one.

In sadder news, the plants Marty gave me when he moved to Texas are now completely dead. Sorry Martyr; I tried my best. Well, not really my "best" but you get the idea.




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