Custom MarioKart WFC Messages | 05/28/08

I finally got around to making my custom MarioKart WFC messages. In case you don't own the game, when you play online you can "chat" with your friends but you're limited to about 30 pre-written messages which never really convey what you need to say. If I could have ten custom messages here are what they'd be. I can't speak for Brian, Chris, and Marty but I spend a good part of the game yelling at the TV so I think it would be handy if I had these messages available for after the game.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Man, if TV's had feelings, mine wouldn't be my friend any more. I've yelled at it so much during races that if it were capable of fighting back, I'd be dead.

BU (Unknown)

"This must be a secret map. I've never seen it before."




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