Slacky! | 06/01/08

Hey slackers, it's me--your king. I haven't updated my blog in nearly a week and I know you're very sad about that. There's a lot of back-tracking to do: on Thursday night I went over to Brian's house to watch Lost at his Lost party and we hammered out what we feel to be very reasonable ideas about what's going to happen in the next two seasons. I guess they filmed two alternate endings--with Sawyer and Desmond in the casket. Truth be told, either of them would have been more interesting than Locke because we already know Locke has a huge role for the island--had it been Sawyer (and everyone hated him) we'd know he had to have done something more interesting than call people names.

On Friday I met up with Briecca, Kathy & Co. for Jazz in the Garden. I had to work until 6:30ish so I got there a good hour after everyone else and sadly missed the not-hot bassist and his tiresome jam jazz band, The Young Lions. If you're going to be a jam band AND be a jazz band you better be awesome. Sorry guys, you were not. You were ok as background music but not much more than that. I also heard that you only played for like fifty minutes. Lame. You need a steel drummer and that would do wonders. After the concert we went to the Fox and Hound bar in...Dupont Circle(?) and trolled for dudes but none were to be found. I think one of the people in our group might still be lost (or dead) out there but I hope not.

On Saturday I made Greek food for Anne's Gourmet Night but unfortunately my first batch of souvlaki was rained out during the torrential downpour. Chompy also has also taken to hiding in Abby's cage when it storms. Gee, I'll never find you there. Anyway, the food was really good (I passed on anything that had feta though) and I really liked the apple-pie-like desert.

On Sunday I cleaned all day in preparation of my parents arrival on Monday. Exciting. It was nice to have friends for a weekend though.


BU (Unknown)

Happy Birthday Mike's mom!



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