Happy Birthday Mom! | 06/03/08

Happy Birthday Mom! My parents started their two week state capital/ baseball stadium tour this year out of Washington so, out of parental obligation, they had to come see my new house. They actually arrived on the 2nd and I picked them up from Dulles. We had lunch at Clyde's in Georgetown before returning home to play some Wii bowling. I managed to win most of the games but considering the month-long headstart I had the games were usually decided by a pin or two. After driving around town and getting stuck in parking garages we called it a night around 9pm. I worked until about 1:30am and watched the Cubs win. Go Cubs!

On the third, we went downtown to see the aquarium and had lunch at the Ronald Reagan building. The aquarium is located IN the Department of Commerce if you ever go looking for it. I walked around a lot trying to find it before learning of this key piece of information. The aquarium, compared to its counterparts everywhere else was underwhelming but well maintained. After we metro'd back we had some of my homemade birthday brownies and my mom opened her lone present. Afterwards we got back on the metro to go to the Nationals vs. Cardinals game. We were hoping the weather would hold up but it naturally did not and after four innings we called it a night during the rain delay. We were hoping the game would be called off and we'd get new tickets but, despite a total of almost four hours of rain delays, they finished the game around 2am.




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