Led Zeppelin: Sick Again | 12/28/03

...I woke up around 6am completely unable to breath out my mouth or swallow. Obviously, I was in a panic, so I tried to call Chompy (who knows why, but it seemed like a great idea at the time). Since I could produce no sound, I stumbled to the bathroom and poured some water into my mouth. The sting of it was so bad tears came to my eyes but at least I had the basic function of swallowing back. Chompy decided she wanted to go out a half hour later so I did my best to ignore her. I was already freezing and shaking, not to mention a host of other not-so-pleasant symptoms. My dad came to take her out around 8am and I oozed upstairs to ask if he had a thermometer. 100.7. I tried to drink some water with my chewable vitamin but it didn't really work. I went back to sleep. I woke up again around noon. I know I played some online canasta and talked to some people on IM but I can't remember when. I went back to sleep after that and just woke up now, around 6:30pm. And hooray, I'm still tired. At least I can swallow. If only my left nostril would allow air to pass through it I'd be doing a lot better. I can swallow better, as my tonsils have finally reduced to about 3x their normal size from the 300x of this morning (they were hanging out of my mouth...onto the floor). I'm going back to sleep. I was just sick the week before school ended. What did I do to deserve a back-to-back?!




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