Snapple | 06/05/08

haha, this cartoon made me laugh. It's an apple infused with tin. The original is here since I had to modify it to get it to fit in my blog. I cranked out work all day after picking Abby from Jamie's powerless house (along with meats from her freezer). In other news, the book Rebecca recommended How the States Got Their Shapes finally came in the mail and while my roommate-for-the-weekend Jamie watched some show on guys dancing I tore through the A-G states plus West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Washington DC. It's really interesting--the only reason DC isn't a perfect square anymore (it used to be) is because Alexandria's main export was slaves and in Washington DC there was no slavery which put a lot of people out of work and because whites had to compete with free blacks for the jobs lots of crackers were out of work. When the US went to war with Mexico, Virginia was all like "Hey, can we have that hunk of land back?" and the government, busier with other things was like, "Yeah, you can have half our nation's capital back". Too bad Maryland didn't take back DC Northeast instead.


Rebecca (Unknown)

I'm glad you got the book! Geez... for as long as I can remember I've been telling people that I was from the part of VA that used to be part of DC and was returned during the CIVIL war... Probably something some lousy high school history teacher told me. At least no one ever called me on it. But now I stand corrected!

Mike (Unknown)

That's what I would have thought too but apparently asking for it back was a big deal (duh) so they had to wait until people stopped caring about it. Good recommendation!

Jamie (Unknown)

Some show on guys dancing=the step it up and dance finale. Moshi was robbed.



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