Happy Birthday Elena! | 06/09/08

Happy Birthday Elena! My day-behind blogging sucks on birthdays and sucks even more when birthday parties are celebrated a little bit before the real thing. Unfortunately, you got this double-whammy. Outside of Michael and Chris though, you're the most photogenic regular so I think we'd all trade with you. I also put a ghost in the picture so hopefully that counts for something. Your present is supposed to ship tomorrow so hopefully (for all of us) you'll have it soon.

Elena celebrated her 30th birthday in Gettysburg, PA thanks largely to a surprise party thrown by Chris--a surprise party that was nearly ruined when Jamie and I showed up twenty minutes late. There were about a dozen of us that met up there for dinner and then...a ghost tour. Although we were late, Chris deftly stalled while we got situated and it all went off smoothly. Dinner was at the Farnsworth House and was both enormous and good. Despite the Farnsworth House being supposedly haunted, the scariest part of the night, by far, was the pickled watermelon rinds.

At 8:30 we met up for the Ghost Tour and, despite our best efforts to heckle them out, we did not see any ghosts, let alone capture any in a photograph. Our tour guide was not nearly as awesome as the one we had in Key West and stuck to second-hand stories just boring enough to be fake. If I were a ghost tour guide and had no real stories you better believe I would lie my ass off and come up with absolutely ridiculous things people would HAVE to believe because they'd be so out there. Anyway, both Chris and I had high hopes for the end of the tour because there was a field (now a football field) where a skirmish occurred and apparently certain parts of the field rejected northerns/southerns from walking on it. We figured between the two of us half of the field would be upset at all times. Although we tried several times to sneak off to find out we ultimately decided to wait until the end when lo and behold, nothing happened.

It was still awesome to see C&E and after hearing about the Confederate Hospital Ghost Tour I think we'll be back up there in the near future and hopefully have Chris and Elena in tow again. Happy Birthday!


elena (Unknown)

thanks again for coming up. It was so great to see you again.

Mike (Unknown)

Once I get the tracking confirmation # for your present I'll send it along.

P-Chris (Unknown)

Hey email me the picture of the ufo or orb or ghost or whatever that thing was in the sky. I want to post it on bigfootcheese (even if its nothing).

So glad you two came up. It was fun.



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