When You Are Engulfed In Flames | 06/10/08

Yesterday I finally got the new David Sedaris book, When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I thought it might be a clever acronym since it's a little random but unless WYAEIF is something I'm missing it's not that clever. While it pains me GREATLY to say it, since he is my favorite author, the book isn't that clever either--at least compared to his previous meisterwerks. I would still highly recommend it to anyone on the planet because, like Led Zeppelin, his worst is still better than just about anyone's best. I think the problem is that he's already burned through all his best stories and is down to C-List/New which just aren't as horribly funny. Admittedly, my judgment might be coming too early since I've only read the first three chapters. This is deliberate because if I don't pace myself I'll have the whole book done in an hour and then be sad that I read it so fast without really taking it all in. If you've never read anything by him you should be killed you should definitely read Naked first--don't just right into When You Are Engulfed in Flames--and work chronologically through all of them.


BU (Unknown)

Had you been a yuppy, you could have picked it up at a discount at Costco on Saturday morning.

mike (Unknown)

I thought yuppies were supposed to pay full price for everything.

Tree (Unknown)

You are. And spend $30 a day on Starbucks & grow a goatee.

Tree (Unknown)

Boston Braves / Cubs are in 1948 throwbacks today to celebrate the 60th year of Cubs on WGN with retro graphics on TV. The numbers on the back are way too low. In throwback games, home teams are responsible for both team's uniforms. First ever Cubs home TBTC day.

Mike (Unknown)

How funny--I was just wondering wtf was going on and I happened to check here while my mind wandered. Good to know.

Tree (Unknown)

They screwed up the Cubs hats. They should had been royal blue with a red wishbone-C & no white outline. Some turd picked up a 1958-61, 1963-64, 1970-71 Cleveland Indians cap. Have to say I loved the old Braves look & the high stirrups on both teams.



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