Sorry-Ano | 06/11/08

Ok, ok. I know I've said how much I said I hate Soriano but watching him break his wrist last night was a little bit painful. He finally seemed to find his offensive stride (still a huge liability on defense) but sadly there is no one to replace offensively or defensively. The Cubs called up Micah Hoffpauir and Eric Patterson (thankfully not Matt "The Red Scare" Murton [thanks Chris!]) but Micah is a really bad fielder (even worse than Soriano) and Eric Patterson, simply being being Corey Patterson's brother, will singularly find a way to ensure the Cubs' Curse lives on. I realize that my brother and I are not very alike but come on--they're both outfielders for the Cubs with "high ceilings" that have materialized into jack sh*t. I guess it could have been worse--of all the regular players Soriano is pretty expendable in the fact the Cubs can live mostly without what he provides most--leadoff homeruns. If this had happened to Lee or Kosuke it would really change the dynamic of the lineup. Ryan Theriot isn't really running as fast on easy-outs as he used to. I guess now he thinks he's an everyday player. I need to buy the Cubs--job security would be non-existent. Hank Steinbrenner has nothing on me.




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