Jamie's Birthday 12 of 12 | 06/12/08

Clock: Rise and Shine...it's my birthday!

Mad Ab: Abby does not share my excitement and is very annoyed that I've woken her up.

Me making fun of...: Since Mike always has a creepy picture of himself on his 12/12, I figured I'd take one too. The flash obviously got in the way, but I had no time to redo it...not missing the bus was much too important today!

Way to work: My chariot

The Motherland: It's the Supreme Court! Our office got some of us tickets to hear opinions being announced this morning. You never know what they're going to announce or how many, but today they read five opinions, one of which was...

Gitmo opinion: Boumediene v. Bush (the Guantanamo opinion)!!! When they said the case name, I could hardly contain myself. I realize this makes me a huge dork, but I'm quite alright with that. I will never forget hearing Scalia's ridiculously dramatic dissent on my birthday!

Me and my fellow interns immediately following the most exciting moment of our legal careers thus far.

Dinner ab: I have no more pictures from the work-day because after the Supreme Court I headed back to the office where I'd probably be arrested for taking out a camera, so skip forward to arriving home at 6:30 to feed Abby. Here she is patiently awaiting her home-cooked feast of ground beef, bread, oatmeal, and brown rice. She developed some sort of allergy to commercial food a few months ago, so she now eats better than most of the world.

Picture of a guy: As I was driving to Mike's I saw this guy taking a picture of something, so I figured I'd take a picture of him while I was stopped at the red light...not creepy at all.

German dinner: My quiet birthday celebration was tonight with an exploration of my ancestry - yummy German food and excellent German beer (it's no Belgian White Ale, but really, what is).

Fire: After dinner, no Starbucks, and a fight with the CVS pharmacist, we headed back up to the car but got sidetracked by the fire in the neighborhood BBQ place (I first typed BBW which I think has something to do with porn, so I'm glad I saw it in time to fix it). The street was closed and there were several firetrucks and tons of fire-people (just being politically correct since we were yelled at by a fire woman).

Alley: We couldn't get around to fire crew to get back to the car, so we decided to try this alley (intelligent choice seeing as it ran next to the building on fire) but it didn't go all the way through. Some nice drunk guys decided to close the gate at the entrance...funny. We made it out alive and stood on the sidewalk with everyone else to watch. After a few minutes of listening to ditzy girls complaining that they were going to miss their dinner reservations due to the street being blocked off (seriously, what was the fire department thinking), we headed back to the car. The end!




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