Too Cute | 06/17/08

I think this picture could melt a heart of stone. Seriously, when I think of TOO CUTE, this is it. Kittens in cups. I found this when cleaning off my desktop yesterday. I've been in some need for cuteness--the Cubs lost to the Rays because of dumb luck (a passed ball that hit the wall that caromed *right* back to the catcher [when the previous one went 30' away like it's supposed to]). I bit the inside of my cheek in my sleep a few nights ago and each night it gets worse because apparently my razor-sharp molars slice it up further when I sleep on my right side. Now opening my mouth at all hurts so I've been trying not to talk or eat. Because I haven't really been eating for a few days I'm really hungry and cranky. Because I've been cranky I've been neglecting to do work which makes me more cranky because I'm behind on so many things now.

Thank god for kittens in cups. Too cute.


KBS (Unknown)

TOO CUTE!!!! Holy crap, those are some cute kittens. Too cute.

Mike (Unknown)

I think that picture might be cuter than any of our pets--and between us all we've got some painfully cute pets.

Tree (Unknown)

Yeah yeah, nobody's more precious than *your* pets.



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