Absolut World | 06/18/08

When this ad came out there was apparently some outrage by (shock) Conservatives, despite the ad only running in Mexico and it being "discovered" and let into the mainstream media. I personally would have taken out all the entire US all together. Apparently the artist has not visited any place I've ever lived or they'd know it was just Mexico Norte. I'm just stuck on the fact that people would be offended by this--I'm sure at one time or another you could choose some states and some European counterparts and do the same thing. Everyone that's here came from somewhere else--at least from the group offended by the ad.

Brian is running a caption contest (see the 6/18 entry) and the two choices are both ripe with captions. If you want to enter but have no ideas and still want to lose I'll give you one of my extras. Brian's mom will win because she wins every caption contest so really the anticipation is more to see how funny she'll be as opposed to if yours is going to win.

Last night Brian, Marty, Chris, and I sat down to some MK. Marty put a whomping down on us the first game but then Chompy outlined a strategy (Dude, use Toad in the Arm Cart) for me and it was mine the rest of the night. I think using an automatic bike is best for the way we play--manual is clearly better on tracks with a lot of 90 degree turns and there about a a half-dozen where you have no chance in an automatic but since we play random all the time there are, in my lowly opinion, more tracks made for automatics. I also unlocked Birdo last night somehow because I know for a fact I have not raced ghosts 250 times. Oh well, Birdo sucks anyway.


Tree (Unknown)

That's a really stupid ad. How many Mexicans are there in Wyoming, Idaho & Utah for christ's sake?? It's offensive because it's the exact opposite of what Conservatives want. I'm all for closing the borders and ending immigration. Nobody seems to care that Canada makes it really hard to get citizenship in their country.



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