DC Bears | 06/19/08

Yeah, it's been pretty hot up here recently although the past four or five days have very nice. Before that, though, the heat indices were well above 100. Apparently bears at the National Zoo (like this one) were so hot they stuck out their tongues. In Brian's collection of pictures is at all relevant to this, I must be hot all of the time he has a camera in his hand.

The Cubs got swept by the Devil Rays which was pretty horrible. The fact that none other than my man Mamol walked the first two guys he faced before hitting the next two was pretty bad...not nearly as the grand slam that Scottie Eyre let fly two pitches into Marmol's departure. I hate the inter-league games. Not surprisingly, ever year the AL teams destroy the NL teams and it's because of the DH but not quite for the reason you think. Yeah, in the AL parks teams like the Red Sox have David Ortiz while the Cubs get to add a powerhouse like Henry Blanco. That's just half my argument--the advantage given to the AL teams is not equal to the advantage give to NL teams when playing in NL stadiums. By virtue of the AL team simply having a superior hitter available, their lineup is going typically get David Ortiz to first base. Even though he's a defensive liability, in a short little three game series, they are likely not to experience a situation where a gold-glover (like Derek Lee) would make a defensive play to save the game.

I'd love to see the DH abolished. And inter-league play. And American League teams.


BU (Unknown)

Mike (Unknown)

And there it is.

Tree (Unknown)

Come join the group that want's to abolish Interleague Play. I don't care that it favors the A.L. It's flawed in its design, and you can't have Interleague Play with an unbalanced schedule, uneven divsions & teams, the I.P. schedule is completely random, and teams have unfair Natural Rivals which screws the division foes; e.g. N.L. Central because Cardinals get Royals 6 times. For some inexplicable reason, the Sox played the Pirates for a 3rd consecutive year.

I don't like going to N.L. parks and losing our DH big bat. The Sox & the A.L. were built for American League style baseball, and that's what they should play in. Plu this was all a Bud Selig idea, and he sucks.

Mike (Unknown)

But you DON'T lose your big bat--that's the point I'm trying to make. The AL teams just pull out the worst player, shift some people around, and keep him in.

That doesn't take any skill--that's the AL "style"--"hit the ball hard somewhere".

Tree (Unknown)

What are you talking about? Thome can't play 1st, he's too old and fragile. Big Papi can't play first either. Frank Thomas as well. Those guys head straight to the bench. So yes, they DO lose their big bat.

Mike (Unknown)

Big Papi usually plays first in NL parks. With Konerko hurt, I was very surprised Ozzie did put Thome at first, fragile or not.



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