Obama Is A White Sox Fan | 06/22/08

I can't believe Barack Obama is a White Sox fan. I just can't believe it. Now I have no one to vote for. If only I had known Hillary was a Cubs fan before right now. You think I'm kidding, but I don't think I can vote for him now. It's not that I'm that fervent of a Cubs fan so much as...how can I say this delicately...White Sox fans, as a rule, exhibit certain personality traits that would not make for a good leader. I'm not kidding! Maybe, should I feel like provoking them, I'll detail that list tomorrow. In the mean time though...

The Cubs swept the White Sox this weekend at Wrigley. Not only did the Cubs sweep them, the White Sox looked terrible on all fronts with the exception of John Danks, their pitcher in Game 1. The pitcher in Game 3, Javier Vazquez, was quoted as saying something to the effect of Cubs are weak and they would not stand up to the potent offense of the American League. Hah! I might be willing to concede the starting pitching is better in the AL right now but the potency of the offense? AND, you dumbass, you say this to the team with the highest run differential in the game? Although you, Mr. Vazquez, were excellent. I mean, you didn't even average giving up a run an inning with that devastating 6:5 (innings:runs) ratio. Devastating. And your potent AL offense delivered...*1* run. Wow.

Sweep. That's right--a sweep. You guys won as many games against the Cubs this weekend as I did. ZERO.




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