Jeffrey...WHAT??!?!?! | 10/18/06

Since Kathy didn't get to see Lost yet I won't talk about it. Even if she had, the topic of this blog would have been Project Runway. How the HELL did Jeffrey win. Listen, Kara Saun should have won Season 1. She didin't but I was okay with Jay winning. Last year Santino should have won. He didn't but I was ok with Chloe. Jay and Chloe weren't AWESOME but they were both very talented. Uli should have won. She had the best collection period. Laura's was good and Michael's was hit or miss. Jeffrey's as...ugly. Like most of his stuff it was ugly. He went over budget. He dissed a mom. I don't know how he won. He might have had the best creativity but if you're churning out crap who cares? I could be the most creative composer in the world but what good would that do me if all my pieces were for amputated body parts being used as drumsticks on a bass drum made of tanned polar bear hides to be performed by midgets on unicycles while wearing masks of Gore Vidal? Would anyone even notice the piece was in mixed meter?


Mike Tester (Unknown)

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