Sick Again: Part II | 12/29/03

Today. Well, today I was rudely awakened around 9am to go to my multiple doctors' appointments. My ailment was diagnosed as some sort of viral infection and my eyesight is possibly improving but if nothing else, it's not worsening. I did nothing other than go to the doctors and sleep today. I made some of my world-class chicken soup tonight. Much like everything else I make in this house, it was mediocre. Maybe it was that I tried to double-batch it or that none of the stores have decent noodles up here. Whatever.
Since my doctor was almost an hour late getting me in, I had plenty of time to think about evolution. Thank god, I do not have manic depression or I would have been in big trouble. First of all, I am blind without my glasses on. If I had been born even 100 years ago, I'd most likely be dead because I can't see anything. And I mean anything. Blur your eyes as hard as you can and it's most likely better than I can see. Also, I'm not exactly built for survival--as a caveman who couldn't gain weight I don't think I would have survived my first winter. You get the idea--I can't help but wonder if I'm not one of the people who is supposed to pass my genes along. At the same time, though, I see plenty of people passing their genes along who probably are not doing anything for mankind.
Hopefully, tomorrow I will continue to improve and be able to talk again. If not, though, I'm going to start leaning mime.




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