George Carlin Dead | 06/23/08

In case you live under a rock, let me break the news that George Carlin is dead. No one picked him on the 2008 Predictions to die but I guess he would have been a good choice. I went to go see him when he was in Tallahassee in January and he really wasn't that good. I hate to that about one of my favorite comedians but he was just too...ranty. I like rants as much as the next guy but what set George Carlin apart was the fact that his were usually clever and smart. In January, he was just...a whirlwind of expletives without his incisive wit. Oh well, at least I got to see him perform before he died. Bye George.

I now am starting to understand why people on diets are always so cranky and roaring about food. Now that I meet minimum exercise requirements I've moved on to slightly increasing the value of what I eat. In my limited study, I would say two ho-hos are about 4x as filling as a huge romaine and cucumber salad, regardless of how many olives and croutons are on it. I also ate a couple Spicy Chicken breasts and some whole wheat couscous and I would say that's about as filling as 1/4 bag of Cheetos. Weird.


T-Chris (Unknown)

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