DC Crime Map | 06/25/08

Today the Supreme Court is going to decide if we in DC can have guns like the constitution says, or if only the people who shouldn't have guns can have guns. Even as a layman I understand that this is the first time our second amendment has gone before the Supreme Court and, while unlikely, everyone in every state could lose their "right" to have a gun.

Should DC be approved for guns, I will get one. The reason for this is the DC Crime Map to the left. If you are somewhere in Pacman, you are likely to be killed and your hide used to upholster a 1987 Honda Civic. Because I'm not so great in Photoshop, Pacman's mouth should be a bit wider--Route 1 to Arlington is very safe. If you live in Pacman, you already have a gun; you either work for one of the many companies providing snipers on top of the buildings downtown, are the bodyguard of someone important, or are poor (which for some reason guarantees you access to guns). In my opinion, lifting the DC gun ban is only going to arm the people who need to protect themselves anyway. DC already has the highest per-capita crime rate in the country and just two weekends ago there were 13 shootings in a single weekend. Thanks gun ban!

How about we address the real problem and ban poor people here? That would also open up some semi-affordable housing. I should be mayor.


Tree (Unknown)

Well you're in luck. The ban has been lifted in favor of 5-4. My suggestion to you is learn about gun safety, and practice shooting at a local target range. The NRA is going to sue hippie Liberal cities like Chicago and San Francisco on their handgun bans.

It should be stated that gun bans are absolutely pointless - if a criminal wants a gun, they'll get it. They're criminals, that's what they do. No law, or any law is going to stop them. They break laws, that's what they do. Arm yourself, and protect you and your family.

Mike (Unknown)

Though I never though I'd say this--I agree.

The criminals already have guns so unless you can stop that (and you can't as evidenced...well, everywhere) you better arm the citizens.

SC (Unknown)

Chicago had at least 13 shootings in one weekend. We're trying to take away your top spot in the most violent city in America. Olympics here we come.



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