Home Field Advantage | 06/28/08

And the Cubs and Sox are back to being an even .500. The White Sox handed the Cubs their collective asses over the weekend thanks in no small part to: Eric "Fast Eric 'The Red Scare' Murton Patterson" (whoa) and his inability to play outfield at the Little League level, the second-string outfield (who would want Soriano, Fukudome, and Johnson/Edmonds when you could have Patterson, Murton and Darryl "Please God Don't Hit It To Me" Ward?), and all the double-plays hit by Lee and Ramirez. Isn't the old adage that you're supposed to strike out if you think you're going to hit into a double play? Oh well, that's why both teams are in first place; because for th first time in ages neither suck (at home).

I skipped Jazz in the Garden on Friday, went over to Brian's on Saturday, and spent a ton of money at Target on Sunday. My guitar lesson was canceled and moved to Monday which was fine with me. I have a ton of dishes to do because while I've been very good about keeping the place clean (upping my vacuuming to twice a week AND that's right, making my bed every day) I still can't find the inner strength required to stand in front of my sink and wash the dishes after enjoying a meal. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day.


Tree (Unknown)

a 3-3 split. A perfect ending to a stupid idiot idea like Interleague Play. Absolutely zero bragging rights is the result. With the A.L. once again dominating, I can hope that all N.L. fans wish to end this gimmick. This crap is not good for the game and it lacks integrity. And it isn't all peaches and cream for White Sox fans - the Twins got a candy-ass schedule with the Padres & Brewers, and gained 3 games on us in the standings in the past 3 series. If I ever get in MLB power, we will end this Interleague Play & your alliance will be remembered & there will be a job for you waiting there.

Mike (Unknown)

I think everyone except for Bud Selig is with you. All the NL teams win at home and all the AL teams win a home. Do we really need to prove it year in and year out?

Tree (Unknown)

Hell even Jerry Reinsdorf agrees that we shouldn't have Interleague Play...


the true rivalries are within the division. That's how it should be.. and that's what's most fair. The Cubs and Sox beating up on each other proves nothing. Even if one does better over the other.

Mike (Unknown)

Everyone seems to say "the fans like it" but I don't know any fans that like it. I'd rather the Cubs play the Nationals a few more times so I could go to the games.



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