Man Up! | 07/01/08


Happy July! For whatever reason July is one of my least-favorite months but considering that this particular July involves seeing a bunch of my friends in person I think I will like it more than most.

Because I'm an adult now, an adult who does adult things like exercise and make his bed every day, I finally was able to cross "take vitamins" off my list even though I had to cheat by getting Flintstones Vitamins. I just can't do adult ones--they're like these 2" x 2" x 2" cubes of vile. I just make sure to take two of the kiddie ones to make sure I'm not really missing out on anything. Well, I'm missing out on Selenium because those are in my adult vitamins but sadly make up 0% of Barney.

I also did a ton of dishes last night. There's no amount of "manning up" that will ever make me want to do dishes. I might vacuum twice a week now but the thought of filling up a sink and turning my hands into prunes is about the most revolting thing I can think of. I wish they made disposable pots. Hmm. Now that I think about it, you could probably just thicken tin foil a little bit and stamp them out. Plus then they'd be recyclable (although that particular feature is lost on me anyway). Hmmm.


Tree (Unknown)

Well I've been taking Centrum vitamins since high school. You do know the trick is to take them with a mouthful of orange juice or milk, drop your tongue quickly and snap your head back / swallow in a quick motion, right?

Starbucks is closing 19% / over 600 U.S. stores. How's Caffeine Addicted-Whore Mike gonna handle this? Dunkin Donuts coffee is better anyway. I'm just glad I don't drink coffee that often.



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