2008 Lyrics Challenge!!! | 07/02/08

It's time for the 2008 Lyrics Challenge! A lot has changed in the past year...like I actually know last year's winner (Anna) in person (and she still owes me a guest entry). Anyway, the rules are the same--there are lyrics from songs YOU SHOULD KNOW (there are no trick questions) that have been translated to French, then to German, then back to English. It's your job to figure out what song it is and then email me the answers. The winner gets a guest entry! Awesome!!! All entries are due by July 9th at midnight. Good luck!

Song #1
What's with this dissin' homies; my girl?
Why they have to make/received; to defy?
Which us has never, makes at
these types it made so violent?

But you know I'm of their.
And I know you; mine
And that's during the whole time.

To seem it I as fair holly the friend
And you Mary Tyler of Moorlands.
I don't care of this they say anyhow regarding we.
I don't maintain that.

Song #2
She saw that the sight in its eyes
And they knew them better
She wished this evening
And it is now or never
It does not form feels oh so sadly to him
Whoa Whoa Whoa cry Jamie

Song #3
Father McKenzie, that the words writes;
A lecture the person; becomes nobody hear comes near.
Examine, which works. For repairs its socks on the night,
If there's anything he cares

Song #4
If into sad she comes to me
with thousands smile it gives me the free clay/tone
that well she indicates, the clay/tone well
you take the imported that you want from me,

Fly you small bird arm,
Yes, yes, yes, small bird arm

Song #5
Before a long era me, my brother we made Kyle
From Self-stop sign down long and a road alone.
Suddenly, there a shining devil source…
on the average… the road.

And so it said: "Play best song at the world or I eat the souls"

Song #6
Sometimes I feel
Like I am a business partner for you
Sometimes I feel
Lke mine only friend
The city are which inside the city
Only the angel city
that I together am alone,
we cry

Song #7
He He, said of Mamma, the manner that you shift energy
to make sweat you, energy form to you groove.

Oh, oh, child, you those thing outward journey, agitate a manner
you who it fire to form going, she passage to form.

He, He, baby, if you open to install your honey gutter,
diagonal maintenance far.

Song #8
That is me in the touching of walls
That is me in the headlight
The loss of my faith attempts to maintain with you
And I don't know you
If I cannot do it with No
Me have said too much
Me have enough says me
Thought that I heard you laughing
Thought that I heard you chriping
I tended to think I saw you testing

Song #9
Celia you break my heart
that you shake my confidence newspaper
Oh, to Cecilia, are I downward on my Knee
I you please please to come to the house

Song #10
Where he began, I can not know to begin,
if, but the other part knows it develops much
Was the feather/spring,
and the feather/spring is become summer;
been to believe that you had come the long

Main affecting moving reach hands,
Those, outside ME, which concern you ah,
Oh, tender Caroline,
the good times seem never so well
I'm bent around you not never

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