Monday in Baltimore | 07/07/08

Yesterday I drove up to Baltimore early in the AM to see Rosemary--a friend from college who, along with her husband Matt, I feel like I "just" saw because I saw them most recently in 2002 when they visited Tallahassee. Ah, where does the time go?

My streak of not being late officially ended as I rolled into the Caribou Coffee at 9am instead of 8:30. I blame the Baltimore traffic since (shockingly) I didn't get lost. We immediately took off for the Inner Harbor to hit the Aquarium. Between the iPhone and the atlas, we had no problems navigating through the city (unlike last time) and we spent a good six hours watching big fish swim around. I was surprised to see how expansive the Baltimore Aquarium had gotten--they had all kinds of frog and bird and random animal exhibits. They also had a guide for roughly one out of every three exhibits so any time you wondered aloud why a particular deep sea fish was so gross someone was there with a convincing answer about its noodly appendage. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and I'm reasonably sure that was the first time I'd ever eat at one. 4pm rolled around and after saying our goodbyes and dropping her off at the airport I made it home (somehow) in 45 minutes. I got home at 5:03 and magically dodged both the Baltimore and DC rush hours. I really need to go on my Friends Of Mike 2008 Tour.




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