Cubs Get Harden | 07/08/08

While this might be my worst Photoshopping ever, I'm still excited that the Cubs picked up A's ace Rich Harden (not to be confused with Dan Haren). The A's losing an ace is apparently a ho-hum affair since I wanted to see how pissed off their fans were going to be after picking up perennial AAA All-Stars Matt Murton and Eric Patterson. Getting rid of Murton, to me anyway, is more important than getting Rich Harden. It's too bad Ronny Cedeno couldn't have been packed in that trade.

It's no coincidence that I photoshopped Harden into none other than a Mark Prior jersey (remember him?). Their similarities are striking and I suspect that his story will follow the would-be (Wood-be's if you will) story of Prior. If he stays healthy this year, the Cubs are the best team in baseball, hands down. If he doesn't, not a lot was lost except for small-town Illinoisan Sean Gallagher. I'm sad for him. Even without him (Harden), the Cubs could still win it all IF the NL wins the All-Star game and pivotal Game 7 would be at home. We'll see.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Acquiring Harden was a good move. Not only does it bolster an underrated rotation and make it arguably the strongest starting five from top to bottom in baseball, it sends a message to the rest of the team, the fans, and all of baseball that the Cubs have shed the "Lovable Loser" moniker (I always hated it) and are willing to pony up the cash and take chances to win NOW. Even if Harden gets hurt again (fingers crossed that he doesn't, everyone), the Cubs still have the deepest team in the majors; getting Gaudin in the trade was key. See you in October!

Mike (Unknown)

Hell yeah we'll see you in October.

P-Chris (Unknown)

I actually think that was a pretty good photoshop, except maybe the number 70.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, getting the number wrong was pretty embarrassing.



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