Engineer Monitor | 12/30/03

I am still sick and that sucks. Apparently the internet is down in my apartment in Tallahassee. Tomorrow is my last real day being at home and I will most likely spend most of it with my friend Mark before heading out to my Grandma's house for New Year's. How exciting. Today my mom and I watched Finding Nemo. It was a solid 4/10. The Pixar people did a great job with the actual visual effects but the plot was less than interesting. As a fish tank owner, though, I like the idea of my fish plotting to make the tank dirty to get back at me. That would suggest it wasn't my own apathy causing it. I'm certain less likely to buy some clown fish now, though. Not that I could just dump them into my tanks but I think that movie really made me think down of my $3-5k investment for an 120 gallon salt-water reef tank.
In other news, Steve brought me home a 21" monitor that was due for disposal at work. It has a couple cracks in the front but it seemed to work fine. Well, you also have to turn it off and turn it back on again every hour because it gets blurry. I figure I'll take it and if it sucks, it sucks and I still have my old monitor. However, think of actually being able to work on more than one staff in Finale! My pointing and clicking entry would be so much improved!
Finally, Chompy has informed me that she is ready to return to Tallahassee, stink-hole for fish but sweet-hole for dog parks. ok.




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