Lyrics Champion Announced! | 07/09/08

And 2008 Lyrics Contest Champion is...
...and Brian!
...and Anna!
...and Rebecca!
...Tie-Breaker Below!!!

Thank you to all those who entered--especially you from the Urizone who I see mentioned offhandedly from time to time.

If you're competing in the tie-breaker, send me an email (click here in case you don't have it) with your answers. On to the non-rock tie-breaker!

Tie-Breaker #1
Like I by the valley of shade of the death
go me take a sight with my life and carries out there's nothing
causes calm I've which is been a long time starting and laughing
whereas even my mother thinks that my understanding went

Tie-Breaker #2
Johnny, resin your elbows and strongly play your violin.
The hell ground of Georgia cowards and treats the devil's charts.
And if you gain, you receive a manufactured shinning violin
however, if you lose, the devil receives your heart.

Tie-Breaker #3
They all went to the party as you went on a boat
your hat under an eye scarf were strategically immersed an apricot
you had an eye in the mirror as you with of a dance
you are made to attention and all the girls that dreamed an ally and...

Double-Secret Tie Breaker
: Tell me a funny story.




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