Making of Chompy | 07/10/08

I think I've officially found the other "half" of Chompy's pit bull--Australian Cattle Dog (pictured). Chompy is not nearly that skinny but that's the pit bull giving her (as Elena so eloquently so many years ago) the Stegosaurus-like look. I found the picture on one of the many NYC papers in their list of Smartest Dog Breeds, where Australian Cattle Dogs placed #10 (pit bulls didn't place) and German Shepherds took home #3.

I have like ten thousand mosquito bites from being in my backyard with Chompy. There's a ton of standing water out there since my landlord is renovating and on my left arm alone there are 13. Fortunately only a few of them still itch.

If you're one of the people competing for the Tie Breaker, I need your answers by Tuesday at midnight--see yesterday's entry. Believe it or not, I received 1305 submissions for the lyrics contest. Unfortunately, about 1290 of them were from some asshole spammer in India who sent in gibberish in each box. It sucks that you can make things that can auto-post. What was particularly interesting about his spamming was that he went through my form--he did post remotely (like I would do if I were spamming someone).


SC (Unknown)

This entry reminds me that I saw the male version of Chompy at the beach last week. It was freaky.

Mike (Unknown)

I forgot to mention in my entry that Chompy is back to being an awesome dog.



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